You often need to make critical personnel decisions, like whether and how to promote, fire, re-train, transfer, downsize or reorganize current staff. Allegratek technology can help you evaluate your employees in order to:
  • Identify a good or poor fit with your firm.
  • Identify a good or poor fit with a specific project or department.
  • Provide vital insights for employee transfers or promotions.
  • Identify the best employees to retain before downsizing.
  • Strengthen executive leadership, management skills, or employee performance.
  • Develop effective individual coaching and group training plans.
  • Fine-tune work relationships.

Here’s how it works:

1. The employee handwrites one page on “What I enjoy most about working at this firm.” If applying for a new position within the firm, the employee handwrites one page on “What I would like to accomplish in my first 30 days on the job.”

2. The firm scans and emails the handwritten page to Allegratek, along with the employee’s current job description and, if applicable, the prospective new job description.

3. Allegratek emails back within 48 hours a comprehensive personality profile, including an evaluation of the employee’s work habits and talents, and a predictive assessment of future performance in the current or potential position.

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