Great teamwork is invaluable to the bottom line. But, great teams don’t just happen—they must be carefully cultivated. Allegratek’s Team Building technology provides strategies and tools to foster outstanding teamwork among the talented individuals at your organization, who each possess unique styles, preferences, and personalities.

Allegratek Team Building can help a weak team become strong, and a strong team become even stronger. The tangible result: higher morale, productivity and earnings. Allegratek will evaluate team members; develop an improvement plan; and coach team leaders and members to achieve increased performance and greater job satisfaction.

Allegratek’s Team Building technology enables you to:
  • Improve productivity.
  • Foster initiative.
  • Encourage greater creativity.
  • Enhance morale.
  • Reduce conflict.

Here’s how it works:

1. Allegratek meets via teleconference with the relevant company leadership to gain an in-depth understanding of the problems, challenges and goals facing the team.

2. Each team member handwrites one page outlining his/her responsibilities and goals.

3. The firm scans and emails the handwritten pages to Allegratek.

4. Allegratek emails back comprehensive personality profiles for all team members, including compatibility assessments.

5. Allegratek, building on this valuable information, helps the firm fashion a clear-cut plan to maximize productivity.

6. Allegratek coaches the team leaders and other relevant personnel on how best to implement the plan.

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